Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Indoor play environment (update 7/12)

Here are some updated pics of Graham and Parker's indoor play environment. The last update can be seen here. I can answer questions about toys and such in the comments or by email.

The light table setup. You can see more views below that show the mirrors better!

This shelf has tree blocks, tree chips/cookies, stones, as well as other nature play and wooden toys

Games and Puzzles on the shelving, overhead projector in front of the puzzles (it gets moved around) You can also see the magnet play center there to the right, I have made them over 100 magnets!! It usually looks less clutered when the overhead projector is in a different spot. This is a good view of the overhead projector screen though. The screen is made of a shower curtain hung on it's rod and hooks, attached to the wall.

This mirror is used for magna tiles and other building toys that are not heavy in weight.

book nook and mini craft/art center

air walker, monster stompy feet, manipulatives, etc.  The floor play tray is behind it resting on the wall.

I have pretty much the whole window done in cascading rainbow sun catchers 

waterbeads in the vases

easel and kitchen play area

bean bag toss (bean bags are inside the bins right now)

this is the side of the craft/art shelving

for cars. marbles, small balls, and hexbug nano's

You can see the full length of the mirror in this pic. It is a mirror that my Dad bought for me when I was 10!!

2 tables, 4 chairs and YES we do need and use them very much daily. Twins need space when they build and create. They have friends over quite often as well!!

Our handbuilt Waldorf Playstand was made by a relative (Christmas 2011)

these small kids mirrors make great accents for fun lighting

the compartment bag thingy that is attached and hanging from the light table is from IKEA, it is holding all of our small light table manipulatives, like the translucent numbers, letters, dice, gems, shapes, bears, etc.

I move these small kids mirrors around to accentuate candles and other things sometimes

see the mirror under the chalkboard?


  1. Love seeing your playroom updates :) Such an inspiring space! We have those small mirrors too and love them.


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