Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Nonstop shenanigans

We love to put our insta-snow in the fridge, it gets soooo cold!! Snow is supposed to be cold, not room temp!! So every time we make it, I pop it in the back of the fridge and then into the freezer for an extra 5 minutes to be extra coid! We made it blue this time too!

frosty cold insta snow on the light table

They love having a mirror at a low to the ground level, lots of funny face making occurs. It is so hard to get a non-blurred pic when they are being goofy and having fun!

What's not to love about goofy playdough creatures! The googly eyes make playdough even more fun to create with! Our playdough always ended up looking very mixed and marbled.

Just some light table fun!

Lots of fun and shenanigans at Gymboree open gym. They have a great time!  ;)

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