Thursday, July 12, 2012

Online Children's Book Open House (books for ages 0-18)

ONLINE EVENT located here

Recently I decided to put my support behind the books that my children love the most. They happen to be Usborne books. I signed up to be an independent consultant for Usborne books.

This is an online open house to feature and answer questions about the books I am selling in my new online book store. You may be interested in these books for the children in your life now, or at another time. So please do check it out and please do ask me questions!!! I have a lot of experience with these books and am happy to guide others to see how woinderful that they are!

Follow this link to get to the "open house book store".

There are books available for children ages 0-18, children with ADD/ADHD/ children with Autism/Aspergers/ASD, Children with Sensory Processing Discorder, Children who dislike reading, and more!

Right now and until the end of July 2012, it is a total of $10 dollars to sign up as an independent uUborne books consultant.

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