Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Books Books Books!!!

I now officially have my own online book store!!!  Back when Graham and Parker were born, we were given a stack of used baby, toddler, preschooler books. When they were released from the NICU, I got the books out so I could start reading to them. By the time Graham and Parker were 1, they had a few favorite books. One was a book called Rusty's Bone.

They absolutely can not get enough of the "that's not my" series and the Farmyard tales series! They get them out to read on their own and ask them to be read to them the most.

So one day I turn the book over to see who it was written by and such. I found a little sticker that said Usborne books and a number to call.  I called the number and there was a voicemail. I left a message for the Usborne consultant to call me back, I wanted to buy more of these books. She never returned my call. I ended up calling the Usborne customer service and they had no info on that consultant. I gave up and bought a few from amazon. I pondered for several years whether or not I might want to become an Usborne consultant. I decided to go for it last week!!

In the past I have been a Mary Kay consultant, and I know there was at least 2-3 other popular companies that I tried out being a consultant with. None of that worked out.

I have read these books to my kids, I know these books. I know how great they are. So I decided to go ahead and try out being a consultant with a company that sells something I know a lot about and have tried out! I am pretty happy with my decision. I can work at my own pace and mostly via the internet. I have very little spare time for home parties. In fact, unless someone asks me to, I won;t be holding any home parties.

My "kit" arrived today and it contains all of the things I need to sell the books and best of all, it contains a HUGE STACK OF AMAZING BOOKS!!!

My kids have been all over the books like little vultures!!  Haley(16) read one already, Mackenna(12) has been checking out all of the books with activities and doing the activities, Cameron(13) has read half of a book, Graham and Parker(4) have looked through 8 of them and had me read 5 to them!!!  I am really happy with the books and best of all they are ours to keep!!! They are my displays too though so they will be kept in a box that I have control over.

Best of all, I paid a total of TEN dollars to get this huge stack of books, all the stuff I need to be a consultant.... and that's it!!! Now I just enjoy the books with my kids and sell books to others for them to enjoy with their kids... and for their kids to enjoy on their own!!!!

Cool deal!

My store link.....

Here are the books!!

THESE ones are books that we already owned. (they did not come with the kit)


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