Saturday, December 17, 2011

Playdough Space Monsters & Waldorf Play Stand!

Graham and Parker love having daily playdough art time. Sometimes they make creations and other times they just make balls or flatten the playdough. This time they decided to make space monsters. I helped them to create some funny monsters!

Graham(l) and Parker(r) playing with playdough

Playdough Accessories

Playdough Space Monsters!

Graham and Parker received a totally awesome, amazing Christmas gift today from Grammy & Van!! It's a Waldorf Playstand!! Van hand built the Playstand himself!! It is perfect and they love it!! I can't wait to post some posts of them playing in/with it!!  Thanks a million Grammy & Van!!!! We have had fun setting it up today and putting a few toys on the shelves!  I will be expanding the chalk board soon. I plan to pull off the right border of paint splatter duct tape, add more chalk board pain and then re-add new paint splatter duct tape border.
Waldorf Playstand!!

Playstand Left

Playstand Right

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