Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Disney and a Disney craft!

taken with the hipstamatic app

Magic Kingdom!
I didnt get a chance to take too many pics. I am hoping to get more pics next time we go. It was a lot of fun. We rode the carousel, the dumbo flying ride, its a small world, and we saw a few shows including a really cute Disney character 3d show that scared the pants off of Graham and Parker. They didnt like the 3d.  Well I guess it was 4d, they had air blowing, scents, water splashing, and such... The rest of the shows we saw were done at the Cinderella castle or on the street in front of it.

Graham on the carousel

Parker & Aaron

unicorn lollipops!

dancing around

For the WIN

Parker, just walking around by the castle

admiring the flowers

Cameron and Parker taking a break

Mickey mouse confetti from one of the shows

We decided to put them on clear contact paper

Cameron is helping too

finished product!

checking them out on the light table


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