Tuesday, November 30, 2010

OK I can not hold out any longer!!!

I found a super cool toy for toddlers!!! Pop on Pals! They are AWESOME!!!

I am thrilled I did not make my 2.5 year old twins wait until Christmas to open these.
They love them and they are really fun to play with. I imagine them as a combination of paper dolls, Mr. Potato head, Barbie, and some action figures.....all rolled into one and done in a cool toddler friendly style. OK so these pop on pals come in a variety of animals, girls, and boys. They have these clothing or costume pieces that they snap in to. So neat!! They are for ages 2+

You lay a piece of their "clothing" on the floor or table and sit the person or animal inside of it and push down..they snap down and snap into their clothign or costime! It is really easy to do. I think they might even be good for 1 year olds to at least start out getting them hang of them.

 I am really impressed by these toys. I bought a plastic storage box with a lid so we can keep all the pieces together. Actually I am planning to buy a few more plastic storage boxes with lids to store other toys that have a lot of pieces. I don't like toys with missing parts. I really like to keep the toys with their parts whenever I can for them.

They can mix and match the costumes/clothing with each animal, boy, or girl so it makes it a lot of silly dress up fun too!  The only thing that does not work with the animals is the party hats. They seem to only sit well on the girls or boys head and stay. That is slightly frustrating for my twins but they do not dwell on it. I must say I might have to go buy another bird though. That one is their favorite. They both LOVE birds though and have since before their were even a year old. They ahve a fascination with all kinds of birds. :)

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