Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Featured M.O.M. Cheryl Ringen 12/1/10

Name: Cheryl Ringen

Age: 36

Marital Status: Married

Blog: cherylnlee.blogspot.com

Multiples names and age: Anastasia and Lillian (Anna and Lily) age 2.5

About you: former Teacher and Admin Assistant

About your Multiples: Anna and Lily were born at 39w 5d gestation 20 minutes apart on May 12 2008

advice for other moms of multiples: Go with the flow.. they are only little once.. embrace it all

additional info about you and your multiples: I love to knit and scrapbook, spend time with my girls, currently working at a toystore that just opened in my hometown. Anna and Lily love to play, watch Elmo and Caillou and being cute.

Pictures: Lily in plaid dress, Anna in dotted dress, Anna and Mommy at a Halloween Party, Lily and Daddy on a Hayride

Thank you Cheryl, wonderful photos!

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