Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Fun with Light, New Roylco Products, and a discount code

I have some new light table activities to share with everyone, and a discount code! Roylco has created several really awesome light play activities over the years. Roylco sent us their new constellation cards, light learning games, and color beams peg board kit.  They also sent their stained glass frame and some beautiful frosted glass paper. I am really loving these new products for a number of reasons.  

The Constellations cards are just gorgeous.  They look awesome on the light cube, or any light table for that matter. We also found that they look super cool when held up in front of a himalayan salt lamp.  The warm amber glow just looks amazing!  The Constellation cards can also be held against a sunny window in the daytime, or in front of a black light in the evening.  They make a perfect companion to an astronomy unit study too! We have an astronomy unit study coming up and look forward to incorporating the Constellation cards into our unit study.  #homeschool  #astronomyunitstudy

The Color Beams Peg Board Kit is really great for fine motor! My favorite thing about the kit is that the pegs are perfect fine motor for an older child. They are not just great fine motor for younger children.  Most of the products that you find in stores or online are specialized for toddlers, preschoolers, and lower elementary age children.  I love that the Color Beams Peg Board Kit is challenging enough for upper elementary age children, as well as middle school age children. They would be great for any child with Autism as well. They can be used with or without the colorful inserts they come with. You can come up with all kinds of games for them too!  Stay tuned for a special upcoming post featuring how to use them for math, language, and more! #finemotor

The Light Learning Games are so awesome! They are great for a rainy day. Sometimes when it is rainy and dark outside in the daytime kids have a tendency to get moody. Playing with a light cube, light table, light box, or light panel can really break that mood and give the kids something awesome to do. I love how they included Tic-tac-toe with the Light Learning Games!  In this kit are Bingo with emoji faces, Tic-tac-toe, and a counting snake game that includes character pieces and really adorable butterflies, bees, and lady bugs. #rainydayplay

We also really enjoyed making fun insect crafts with the Stained Glass Frames and Frosted Glass Paper.  They are a fun and easy craft for any age!  Younger kids can easily do this craft, 
but it works well for an older child too because older kids can make their craft for detailed and intricate. You can use large or small bits of the Stained Glass Paper, or Frosted Glass Paper that Roylco makes for the project.  You could also opt to use tissue paper squares, kite paper, translucent origami paper, or anything else you can think of!  #kidscrafts

You can see all of their amazing Light Learning products here

So here is the awesome news: My readers and members of The Ultimate Light Table Guide Facebook group receive 15% off their purchases from Roylco.

Please check out my videos below, and stay tuned for more photos and videos on Instagram, Youtube, and Facebook.

I also linked each of the products below along with an example of each product!

Constellation Cards

Stained Glass Frames

Color Beams Peg Board Kit

Light Learning Games

Frosted Glass Paper

Stained Glass Paper

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