Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Why all Homeschoolers should own Professor Noggin's Card Games

Professor Noggin's card games have become a big part of our Homeschooling. Professor Noggin's card games are fun, educational, trivia games. They work so perfectly with so many subjects of study. There are many titles that work with different aspects of Science, History, and Geography. Incorporating Professor Noggin's card games into your Homeschool day is very easy to do. These card games really make learning so much more fun too! I honestly wish that we had them sooner. They are truly a wonderful addition to Homeschooling. You can find out the story of how Professor Noggin's card games came to be here on their website.

Alexa and Echo Dot
They go really well with Amazon Echo dot and Alexa. Any model of Echo works as long as it has Alexa! You can ask Alexa to elaborate on any subject, or even to explain the meaning of a word. If your children are not knowledgeable on a particular subject or word, there is no need to just bypass it and move on.  You can address that right away so that the subject or word is fully understood.

Nature Watch Craft Kits
Professor Noggin's card games also pair really well with the wonderful Nature craft kits from Nature Watch.  They have Nature craft kits for many subjects such as plants, trees, animals, insects, honey bees, Geology, Ocean life, Water, Astronomy, Rainforest, Archeology, and so much more!

Unit Studies
It's so easy to use Professor Noggins as your basis for a Unit Study. They pair up perfectly with books for Mini Unit Studies or more in-depth Unit Studies. You can choose one particular set of cards, and then go searching through your home library for books on that subject. Sometimes you may need to pop by the Library and check out a few books too. Then you can just go from there adding any other additional resources like movies, youtube videos, games, hands-on projects, Art, crafts, or visiting somewhere local such as a Park, Museum or Science Center.

You can also use two or more sets of Professor Noggin's card games for the basis of your Unit Study for a more in-depth Unit Study. For example, maybe you want to set up a Unit Study on land Animals.  So you may want to choose several of the Professor Noggin's Animal based titles and choose several cards from each set that will go along with your Unit Study. 

Any time, any place, always fun!
Professor Noggin's card games are also great just for fun! No planning is needed! You may need something to transition from one subject to another. They also make a great way to begin or end your Homeschool day. Another great idea would be to use a Professor Noggin's card game right after lunch to transition into the rest of the day. They also make a great choice for car-schooling.  Have your kids read the questions and call upon a family member to answer! You don't need to roll the die to play the game this way.  Most of the time my children and I do not use the die provided with the games, We just read the questions and answer them!

I honestly never thought that Professor Noggin's card games would become such an asset to our Homeschooling. They add so much to Animal Studies, History, Geography, and Science. Oh and Art! There is a set for Art History, and it is fabulous!  I like to use the Art set with Getting to know the World's greatest Artist's books. They are a perfect match! Then all you need to add is an Art project or lesson!

My kids love Professor Noggin's card games. They look forward to trivia time every Homeschool day! You can't beat that!

Professor Noggin's currently has 29 titles, which are pictured below in the collage I created. I also created a collage of their discontinued titles which is pictured below as well.  I really would love to see them bring back their discontinued titles. Maybe if enough of us Homeschoolers ask Outset media nicely enough, they will put them back into production!  

You can request new titles to be added, or discontinued titles to be brought back on the Professor Noggin's feedback page! 

Update: Great News! A new announcement was made on the Professor Noggin's website today! They have decided to bring back two titles!  They brought back Extraordinary Women and Famous Inventions. Famous Inventions title has been changed to Inventions and Discoveries! How exciting!

 Professor Noggin's Current Titles

Professor Noggin's Discontinued Title's

  Examples of how well Professor Noggin's cards
 pair up with books for Unit Studies

Are you interested in discovering new ideas for using Professor Noggin's card games for Homeschool? Want to share your ideas? 

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