Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Blog and Social Media Partners Wanted

Pinterest has been a very positive social media experience for me.  I have almost 160K followers at this time.  I find that sometimes life just has to get in the way of blogging and social media adventures. I would love to grow my blog, and Pinterest without having to clock a lot of internet hours.  I think it should be that way for others as well. I have hundreds of bloggers contact me daily asking to be added to my Pinterest boards. I think it would be a great idea to partner with some of those bloggers.  If we turned our blogs and social media into one big community, it ma be a huge benefit for us all.  One does not make an empire, many do.  So, would you like to join my empire?  I would like to create a hub page that advertises all those who would like to partner with me. I would like those who join my "empire" to network all of our Pinterest accounts together in some way or another.  I am working on the details for all of that now.  I want to open those to certain bloggers who will fit into categories that together makes a big "one stop shop" for anyone looking for anything on any subjects related to home, family, kids, education for kids, homeschool, autism, aspergers, sensory, childrens health, OT, PT, SLP, and basically everything I cover in my Pinterest boards.  Email me to discuss

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