Saturday, June 10, 2017

Hoagie Game Review

                                                    Hoagie Game Review

Hoagie is a really cool card game, and very easy to play! So perfect for a family game night, or anytime! This game is very unique.  It features competitive game play in a fun and unique way. The little characters called Oogies are the highlight of the game. They are pesky little icky creatures that can ruin your sandwich, or Hoagie!  This is a fun, simple, low key game for the whole family.
I am from PA, and they call them Hoagies there.  
I know some states call them subs, grinders, heros, or wedges.  
Check out this fun article on names for these famous sandwiches around the United States!

Video review update:  2-5 players and suitable for any age!
Promo video for the game

Example of the cards

Example of the game box

Some photos I took of the game!


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