Monday, November 28, 2016


Snatoms are a fantastic way for kids to learn about atoms and molecules.
The pieces have magnets inside of them, so that they can stick together to form atoms and molecules. It is fantastic that they can stay together!

There is really nothing out there on the market like Snatoms

Veritasium, The company that makes Snatoms sent us this wonderful Snatoms expansion pack.  My kids and their friends are loving them! Now if only there were more hands on learning tools like Snatoms, to help with all types of Science education. They are really unique!

The recommended age for Snatoms is ages 12 and up. I however strongly disagree with that recommended age. They are very well made, and they do not break easily. Not that we have broken any, they are all intact. In my opinion, there is no reason that a child ages 4 and up could not play with Snatoms.

It is never to early to explore Chemistry, as long as it does not involve caustic chemicals. There would be no reason why children ages 4-11 could not use Snatoms to indulge in some beginner Chemistry lessons. 

A parent or educator could put a glass of water on a table, write H2O on paper, or with some magnetic (or non-magnetic) letters and numbers, and then show the children what it looks like with Snatoms. Then encourage the children to explore. Snatoms are great for preschoolers - adults in my opinion.

Check out their Website and Social Media links below.

Also be sure to check out our photos of Snatoms bwlow!

Check out the Snatoms Website

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