Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Math-U-See Gamma

Math-U-See sent us a copy of their Gamma curriculum and their wonderful integer block kit. This is an excellent curriculum. The Integer block kit is a wonderful math manipulative set. Their is a ton of math curriculum out there, and overall I really like the approach that Math-U-See has compared to others out there on the market. The blocks really help to understand the concepts of math. Included are workbooks, teacher and student textbook, and video. The integer blocks really are the core of this math curriculum, and they are very well made.  They remind me a lot of Montessori bead stairs. The red integer blocks have 100 squares on them. There are 10, and together as a cube it reminds me of the Montessori 1000 cube. You could actually use the Gamma worksheets with Montessori methods to learn the math as well. Gamma is definitely a great Multiplication curriculum. Check out all of the levels of math offered at Math-U-See. They have a program called Spelling-U-See as well!

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