Sunday, June 21, 2015

Artograph LightPad 950 - LED LightTracer - LightPad Revolution

Artograph has made some major changes to their product line, and color me impressed! They sent me three of their products to review. 

First off I want to say that I love them all!  The LED LightTracer is 50 steps above their old flourescent LightTracer. There is a HUGE difference in the two
It is great for tracing and drawing, very nice for light play.

The LightPad Revolution is totally awesome, very unique, and totally impressive!
I have never seen another light pad that turns 360 degrees! It is  wonderful for tracing and drawing and can be very cool for light play!

The LightPad 950 is THE BEST light pad / light panel you can find. This thing is the king of the hill, or the Cadillac of light pads. It is much larger than any light panel you can buy in the United States. It is portable and sits beautifully on the adjustable table we have.  It is a beautiful light pad, totally impressive!

Check out the Artograph website for more product information and where to buy! You can find their website HERE.  

Here are some photos of my twin boys playing with them! 

LightPad Series

LED LightTracer

LightPad Revolution

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