Wednesday, April 10, 2013

glowing alphabet eggs

Got plastic Easter eggs? Well they are not just for Easter!!!

Graham and Parker really enjoy glow in the dark play and we do a few glow in the dark eggs hunts throughout the year. This year I decided to put the alphabet on the eggs! I made one set of uppercase and one set of lowercase. 

They loved finding the lettered eggs! We did a few match the uppercase to lowercase egg hunts, and some egg hunts where they just find the eggs!! We use LED finger lights in the eggs, they give a much brighter glow than using glow sticks in the eggs.

You can do so many fun and educational things with plastic Easter eggs!

spelling site words
and whatever else you think of

Check out our glow in the dark play Pinterest board HERE

You can find the LED finger lights HERE

Check out a couple of our past eggs hunts at the two links below


  1. Your pictures are so cool! What a great way to work on learning concepts.

  2. What an absolutely awesome idea! I'm heading to the dollar store to get these!!


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