Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Indoor Play and Learn Environment update 1/1/13

Here is an update to Graham and Parker's indoor play and learn environment. This is their bedroom/play room/home school room. We also do playing and homeschooling in their outdoor play environment. I will be posting an update of their outdoor play and learn environment very soon! I changed out some of the shelving and updated the light table area. Some of the specific play areas have been switched around. The reading area was swapped with the block area. The reading area is now a combination of reading and magnet play. The board game shelf has been swapped out and updated.   I removed the top from a small rolling bakers rack and turned it into an awesome cart for the overhead projector. I swapped out the lights on the mirror table. They recently got a new play kitchen, it is wooden and seen in the pics too. We used to have a plastic step2 play kitchen but they really didn't play with it very much, They really love the wooden kitchen at the Orlando Science Center, so we decided to get them a wooden kitchen. They love it and so do their little friends that come over to play.  The pictures have been taken over the past 8-10 days. Some at night and some during the day. If anyone has questions on what is what and where to get it, just leave a comment or email me. twinsrock@cfl.rr.com

right now they are keeping their big brown fuzzy monster feet slippers along the wall by their toy kitchen. I plan to find a better spot for those. They have been kind of floating around the room lately. The crayon caddy and coloring books are on the shelving in this pic. There are also learning toys, materials, manipulatives, and some craft supplies.
the end of the bed is usually where we put the rody and DIY light box.
The light box gets moved around when they use it.

some water color leaves they made sitting on our DIY mirror table.

this toy box houses their vehicles and balls. The top has their puppet baskets.

some blocks on the table and the light panels turned on.

top of the art, craft, and paper center.  The white and black paper are accessed from the left side. The paper stacker they are in is turned sideways. The tape is accessed from the right side, for it is turned sideways as well.

paint, brushes, stamps, stamp pads, markers, bingo daubbers, glitter glue, glue, etc.


  1. Great organization. How long did it take you to organize everything for the pictures? Just curious, as it took me 4 hours to re-organize our tiny kitchen.

    1. Miss Courtney, it took me 1 hour. I just moved out a piece of furniture, moved two in and moved a couple of small pieces around some. The toys are always neat and organized.

      See... http://graham-and-parker.blogspot.com/2012/09/couches-out-beds-in.html

      and this...... http://graham-and-parker.blogspot.com/2012/03/how-i-trained-my-twins-not-to-trash.html

  2. What a terrically fun play spot! Great job! Hopping over from Share it Saturday!


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