Monday, December 10, 2012

Easy DIY Christmas Ornaments

I made a few fun ornaments with some DIY ornament balls from Michaels, a hot glue gun, some translucent color chips and transparent counters, glitter, popscicle sticks, metallic garland, string, metallic pipe cleaners, and sparkly pom poms.

Check out the descriptions under each picture!

translucent color chips and transparent counters are used for these ornaments except the one of the top right, it is just pom poms. See it larger, below.

This one just has sparkly pom poms in it but looks so pretty on the tree

This one is filled with a very long piece of metallic wire garland that has foil stars on it. I simply just lead the wire garland through the opening a little at a time until it was all in there!! The little mirror next to this ornament is one of many all over the tree. I made them with string, a hot glue gun, and mini craft mirrors from Michaels.

This one is using translucent color chips and transparent counters

For this one I used a hot glue gun, glitter, green pom poms, and three popscicle sticks. I glued the popscicle sticks in an even triangular formation, applies hot glue to the top of the sticks and sprinkled on glitter. Then I applied hot glue to the back and placed the green pom poms on them. I used a metallic pipe cleaner that I hot glued on for the hanger.

side view of the one above. 

Here are two attempts at makign glitter hot glue ornaments. It is not as easy as they make it look on Pinterest. ONe is supposed to be a tree and the other a snowflake. They came out quite imperfectly but I still hung them on the tree, they catch the lights and sparkly really nicely! lol!


  1. Great ideas, Kristen ... I think they'd make wonderful family projects! In addition to featuring your post the Living Montessori Now Facebook page, I just pinned it to my Kids' Christmas Activities Board at

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