Thursday, June 21, 2012

Magnets, Magnets, MAGNETS!

Our magnet board made from an oil drip magnet pan

a less close view

3D magnets I made from nursing necklaces!!

closer view
These are examples of beads used for nursing necklaces. I kept ours, cut them apart, and used the beads to make magnets! I used magnet tape, I cut it to size. Then I hot glued a magnet to a translucent color chip from Lakeshore. Then glued a nursing necklace bead to the color chip.

wood tree ring alphabet magnets

Pictures printed from the internet of animals, plants, food, toys, and then laminated. Then cut and magnets were then hot glued to the back of them, I used magnet tape and cut pieces to hot glue to the backs of each laminated photo. I did not cut the magnets to the size of the photos. Instead I just cut a nice 2 inch or smaller magnet for each one, depending on the size of the laminated photo. 

Some of the laminated animals I made into magnets and a few of the Popsicle sticks I made into magnets.

sorry for the glared pic but these are glass gems from the dollar tree that I made into magnets.

buttons made into magnets

some of the laminated pics I made into magnets

some have words below the pic

The ones that have the word are usually used for spelling practice

terrible pic once again but these are felt pieces cut to shapes of cupcakes and then outined with glitter glue, then magnets hot glued to them, My 12 yr old daughter made these,

LED Magnets

some examples of how we play with the magnets

I need to find a better magnet storage dish.

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  1. Where did you find such a large oil drip pan?


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