Wednesday, June 20, 2012

LED Magnets

I decided that we needed some lights on our magnet board, so I made some!!

I used these LED lights, magnets, and a hot glue gun!  I make most all of our magnets from cute clip art that I print off the internet and laminate.  Some of them have the word below the picture, some do not. Some are random household objects,  some are food, animals, plants, toys, etc. We also have a magnetic wooden alphabet I made with tree rings from Lakeshore.


  1. The LED magnets are cool, but Question? How do you get the magnets to stick to your laminated clipart? I have laminated magnets I am trying to make for my son but have not been successful in gluing the magnets to the back. I've tried every type of glue imaginable, hot glue, airplane plastic glue, tacky glue, a glue called Plastic Surgery with no success. It's been very frustrating!

  2. hot glue gun. it works perfectly. if they ever fall apart, I just get the hot glue gun out to repair.

  3. Very cool magnets! Any kid would love these!


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