Thursday, April 5, 2012

Paint, Bounce, & Explore

 Graham and Parker have been inventing their own games lately. Here are two from yesterday!
Body Bounce Painting & Sink or Float Submarine

Being super cute

Parker's own invention....  Body Bounce Painting.  He got out the bottles of tempera paint, squired different colors on to the trampoline, then began bouncing, bouncing on his but, rolling, and running through the paint!

Fun and good creativity!!

Feeding the fish

pouring colored water

twisting the lid on


Graham decided to test out the action figures to see if they would sink or float

The green man floats, the little man at the bottom sunk


  1. oh they look like they had a fantastic time in the garden! I really need more space. i am really trying with what we have but very restricted :-(

  2. Wow, bouncing on paint on the trampoline looks like a blast. Thank you for sharing at the Outdoor Play Party. I hope you come back again for the party this Friday.

  3. Thanks so much for the great comments!!


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