Wednesday, March 21, 2012

First Art for Toddlers and Twos (and Threes) - GIVEAWAY

I would like to introduce a really awesome book called First Art for Toddlers and Twos. The book is an open ended art activity book for children ages one, two, and three years old. The book is categorized and coded with icons to help you find the types of activities that you might want to do with your children, at any given time. What makes this book so unique is that it packed full of 75 fun filled art experiences for your children. Personally, I believe that most of what is in the book can be done with older children as well. There really is no limit to art. Whether you are an artist, art lover, art dabbler, or art virgin, this book is for you and your children. Children need art, it helps them to grow, expand their mind, broaden their horizons, and it is just plain fun.

First Art is not a limited art book. This book gives you so many simple but yet creative ideas, that soon you will feel like an art expert. The art activities in this book can be done with one child or a group of children for a playdate. You will see that common items around your household, will soon become tools for your childrens art exploration. What's amazing about this book is that a child with no art experience will learn so much, themselves while experiencing the activities with their children. This book as inspired me to come up with a few unique ideas of my own.

In this book you will find art experiences that include any one or more of the following materials......

  • water
  • food coloring
  • chalk
  • coffee grounds
  • flour
  • shaving cream
  • tempera paint
  • fabric scraps
  • ziploc bags
  • tape
  • a cardboard box

....and those are just a few of the fun materials needed for the art that you will be exploring with your children!

This is a really great way to bond with your children and have some good old fashioned messy fun. Try to remember that messy fun is an important part of living life for your children.

Give art a chance!    ;)

First Art for Toddlers and Twos from Gryphon House

To win your very own first art book for your children or grandchildren you must follow these 6 steps:

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This giveaway contest ends on Wednesday March 28th at 12:01 am, winner will be announced by Thursday March 29th at 12:01 am!!


  1. I did all of the above that are required! I also did the bonus entry and liked your old Facebook page. I love twins (and am one), so love your blog and posts! I plan to share this with my friends that have twins too!

    toddlerapproved at gmail dot com

  2. Did all but twitter one ( don't have a twitter account) and i followed your old page :)

    Love this book!

    1. From tantrums to treasure hunts :))

  3. Also did all but the twitter one because I don't have a twitter account :) I did also like your old fb page. Love the blog!

    jberrec at gmail dot com

  4. I did all but Twitter, I too don't do Twitter.

  5. I did all but Twitter, I too don't do Twitter.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. I did 1-5 but am not sure if I am supposed to leave them all in one comment or separate ones.

  8. I did 1-5 and one of the bonuses


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