Wednesday, March 21, 2012

a splash of this, a dab of that

blue paint and water, jars, squirt bottles, colander

sensory balloons, water, tongs, squirt bottle, translucent color circles, and foil leaves

playing with the scrubby brushes

inside the pump bottle is just water and blue paint

mixing, pouring, etc

paint brush

If it's gonna be THAT kind of party....

back to the bucket of fun

there she is


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    1. I love the tubes and tunnels for the colored water, and the bucket hat is priceless. Thanks for sharing all of these great ideas at the Kid's Co-op!

    2. Wow, you have an amazing backyard for play! Your kids are so lucky, and I bet they can play there for hours at a time. =)

    3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the marble run in the water table! Thanks for sharing! I featured your water play on my blog today! Hope thats ok!

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