Monday, November 29, 2010

Posterboards, so useful!

I remember back when I was a teen that anytime there was a school project or presentation, it involved buying a posterboard. I am actually happy now that I had all of that posterboard experience! I have out it all to good use in the present day!

I kept getting annoyed with how children's coloring books rip so easily and bend up very easily. When you have toddler twins(or more) it really seems like coloring books to not stand a fighting chance. The ones in our house don't.

So one day we were going to have a finger painting playdate with our playgroup, I thought about how that would go with paper. It would be really messy and the paper they finger painted on would be torn and crumpled after all was said and done.  So I bought posterboards! They are usually around $1 each and are sold in most places like Target, Wal-Mart, Walgreens, CVS, etc. They are big so they provide lots of room for creativity. They are strong, so your multiples can go nuts with finger painting and not tear them (usually)....and the best thing about them is they are PERFECT for coloring on!!

My twins, age two LOVE to color on them. I just keep one handy and when they fill it up, we pull out a new one. One usually lasts a week or so. We still use coloring books to but I prefer they use posterboards. They are way more durable than coloring books, you can use stencils or stamps on them, you can save them and even frame them if you wanted to.

They are a nice blank slate for maximum creativity and they sit so well on the floor..not like paper or coloring books. Coloring books and paper or coloring pages do not mesh well with carpet. They bend up and fold. Making it hard to color on and avoid ripping.

Just wanted to share 2 of their posterboards, hope you and your multiples have fun with coloring or finger painting on a posterboard sometime soon too!

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  1. Thank you- it's a great idea and I don't know why I had never thought to use these! You're right- they are a great size and durable. Awesome!


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