Monday, October 11, 2010

*older post from my personal blog* -- Great Bath tub

They finally had their 1st bath together!

So....Finally we have a baby bath tub I LOVE and they do too! I had the Fisher Price aquarium tub for them but hated how the design was. They never have fit into it right and every bath was awkward. I was so frustrated with that tub. I finally said forget it after many months of trying to make it work and hoped that when they got bigger they would fit in it better. Well there is no way around the fact that it was hard, uncomfortable, and the seat part was really awful. When they were out of the NICU at a month old and I have them their first baths at home they would slide over the hump and their little backs would end up leaning on the hump so I was constantly sliding them back up which made their heads sit in a weird and very uncomfortable looking position.Ugh I hate that bath tub and I really should have just said forget it a long time ago.

Anyways this is what I just bought and I am so so so happy with it and so are they. Bath time is fun and stress free for me now.

I bought them these toys to play with in there too, although they really just like to splash right now still.

Right now for us bath time is more associated with some splashing, getting cleaned and getting out of there. They do not spend too much time in the tub. I was always afraid they would get too cold.

I might start keeping them in a lil longer from now on though. I can not even tell you how happy it makes me every time I go into our bathroom and see the tub sitting in our shower. I prop it up against the wall and it has suction cups on the little flap at the top to keep it secure on a wall or on the bottom of the tub or shower.

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