Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Twins Clubs & Twin Moms

I keep meeting more and more twin moms who have had terrible experiences with their local twins club.
I feel bad for them.  I thought I would have a great experience with my local twins club but I did not.
See here.

What is the problem with so many Twins clubs?  I have heard so many horror stories and then ones very similar to my own. I have even heard of them alienating Triplet and Quad moms or acting oddly with them. I have heard of them alienating moms of twins who then end up getting pregnant after their twins and having a singleton. Why are so many twin moms against associating with other moms who have ONLY twins.
I love being able to chit chat with other twin and multiples moms. It is great but I do not limit myself to only twin moms. All of my singletons are much older and more independent, and are way past playgroup age. I could easily be one of those twin moms who will only associate with other twin moms. I choose not to. I really feel like I would have missed out on a lot of great mom friends if I had done so.  I understand the need for other twin mom companionship but are some twin moms taking it too far?

Do baby and toddler twins know that they are twins?  Do pre-school age twins fully understand what being a twin is?  Do school age twins care if they are not hanging out with another set of twins? Do twins age 0-18 feel if they are not hanging out with or playing with another set of twins that they are slighting themselves in some way? Do twins age 0-4 even notice or care that they are or are not playing with another set of twins?

I love being a twin mom and I love being friends with twin moms but I feel like I need all kinds of mom friends.

I really had high hopes for being in the local Twins and Triplets club but wow did they let me down and then some. I am still in shock at the bizarre and untrue accusations against me from the local twins club. All because someone was lazy and others misunderstood....and then never tried to make it right.

I hope to keep meeting more twin moms. I do enjoy it but I would not trade my singleton mom friends. :)

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  1. I really liked this post! I, too, had singles before my twins (4 altogether now) and don't get the twin groups. I didn't have one at my old city and here, they didn't seem very friendly about the idea of me bringing my other kids with us, so I probably won't be going.
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