Thursday, May 6, 2010

Twins/Multiples Names?

What are your twins/multiples names and how did you choose them?

Graham Rune and Parker Ryan  4/21/08
*I had a lot of trouble putting together 2 boys names and daddy agreed with whatever I chose, luckily. We did not match their first names by first letter or rhyming names...but both middle names start with an R and have 4 letters.  :)


  1. Sarah Josephine (Sarah from the Bible/also, MIL's name is Sara; Joseph is a maternal family name, I wanted to use Josepha after my favorite aunt growing up but DH didn't like it for some reason. Finally settled on Josephine instead, and it's just perfect for Sarah. :-)

    Samuel Suresh (Samuel from the Bible; Suresh after DH's oldest brother who died in a drowning accident in the early 90s.)

  2. All of our kids first names are just names that we picked out that we love (and could agree on - lol!), all of their middle names are family names.

    Kayla Danielle (after my baby sister who passed away at 1 1/2 when I was 10).

    Haley Ellen (after my maternal grandma who passed away back in 2001 - I was named after her as well).

    Olivia Marian (after my husband's maternal grandma who passed away in 2008).

    Aiden Thomas (after my husband).

  3. Our girls are Elizabeth Ida, after my favorite great aunt and my maternal grandma; and Emily Susan, we just really liked Emily and Susan is my mother in law.

    Of course, after the girls were named people felt the need to point out emily Elizabeth from the Clifford series. So I refer to them as Elizabeth and Emily (which is their A and B order anyway). In addition, I'm hoping Elizabeth eventually goes by Betsy or Lizzie! Her choice.

  4. My twins are Kassadi Rae and Gavin Michael. We didn't have any scheme to go by, we actually stayed away from the rhyming.

    I wanted Rae as a middle name if we had a girl the first time so that stuck from the previous boy pregnancy. Then, Michael is my husband's name and now Gavin's middle name. My husband and I couldn't agree on anything really and he came up with Cassady and I changed the spelling to Kassadi. :)

    Funny story though, sort of, I had been liking the name Jaxon (my husband, not so much). Then, I had a dream about them and the girl was named Colby. Oh, I held on to the names Jaxon and Colby for a while then I realized one day while making my salad lunch that I was shredding Colby Jack cheese. LOL So, we almost had Colby and Jaxon combo.

  5. Jonathan and Matthew - both mean Gift of God. Their middle names represent our toast to each other "To Love and Timing". Tene - African for "Love" and Lagan "Appropriate Time" in Indian. We chose middle names that began with L & T not only because it represents Love and Timing, but these letters represent our middle initials as well.


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