Thursday, May 6, 2010

My Life with Multiples

My name is Pam, I'm 38, and the mom of six kids! I have four sons who are 14, 11, 8 and 6 years old. This January I did something I never thought I would do...I delivered twin baby girls, vaginally, without an epidural (that was dumb), at 38 weeks!

Our home has been turned upside down! I was a pretty settled boy mom. I understand legos, and video games, and I enjoy that if the Star Wars movies are on, I get a few hours of relative peace. I always wanted a daughter, I just never imagined that I would get two at once!

I have a pretty wide circle of friends with multiple connections...most of whom I was friends with before having twins of my own. One of my very best friends is an identical twin, another is married to one, and I have several friends with sets of twins. The great thing about this is I have so many people to turn to to get their opinions on my twin questions!

I'm learning a lot. I'm learning as I go, and I love sharing what I've learned with others. From twin pregnancy ( a supportive and competent doctor is a MUST!), to breastfeeding twins (it CAN be done!), to finding ways to do things better or easier. I'll share it all with you!

I'm enjoying this journey! I hope you do too!

We may not always agree on how we do things, or raise our kids, but I always appreciate the conversation, so grab a cup of coffee, and lets talk about our multiples!

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  1. Hi Twin Mom/Dad
    I am excited to have a place that is uncensored :) to express our thoughts-I am writing a book about the amazing experience it is to be a twin, twin plus family-"A Day in the Life of Multiples"-join me and tell the world our story, in our own words.
    Carla Rose


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