Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Rear Facing carseats beyond 12 months old?

I recently read an article..  2 Is The New 1: Rear-Facing Car Seats Until At Least Age 2
The article is really good and made me feel better about keeping my twins rear facing in their carseats.

I am starting to think that maybe rear facing beyond 12 months old, should be promoted by the NICU as well. Honestly the main reason I am keeping my twins rear facing is because they were born 8 weeks premature. I am sure they would love to turn forward facing in their carseats, but they really are not complaining. I still have the fun fisher price rainforest mirrors attached to the seat, and they seem to really enjoy looking into them. I provide them with snacks, sippy cups, books, and small toys. They have no issue with rear facing at 2 years old. Your child does not have to be a preemie to be hurt or killed badly in an accident, while sitting front facing in their carseat.

The next thing that convinced me to keep them rear facing, was the abundance of memorial videos on your tube for toddlers that died due to being forward faced in their carseats.

Your child's head is the HEAVIEST part of his or her body.  Ever hear of internal decapitation???
Yes, it IS as bad as it sounds.

Check out this video!

This video is very sad and is about an 18 month old who was front facing in his carseat.  brace yourself for this one.

Check out this video as well, it is about the importance of the 5 point harness.

There are many car seats on the market now that will hold a child heavier than 35 pounds rear facing!!

Any thoughts??


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