Monday, May 17, 2010

Fun day at the Science Center!!

We went to the Orlando Science Center with our playgroup, North Orlando Sunshine Moms! Graham and Parker really enjoyed the Science Center but at age 2, they could not check out everything there was to see.

There was a lot of staying in the stroller but they had a lot of fun!! I wonder if other moms of twins under age 3 have to chase one of their twins if they let them ouot of the stroller. Parker is my runner...he just takes off and thinks it is very funny. Graham usually tries his best to stay right with me. Sometimes he plays copycat and runs too though.  Thank goodness for strollers and backpack leashes...although those are tough to use too if one twin wants to walk another direction or just stand there.

They LOVED the Dinosaurs most!! Here are some pics!!

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