Friday, May 28, 2010

Local Online Resources For Families With Multiples

Having multiples in your family truly is multiple times the blessing and is a unique experience. Love received and given by multiples is a joy that words sometimes can not describe. If it takes a village to raise a child, then raising multiple children will require the whole village and the entire tribe. Having immediate parenting resources, helpful tips, or just to being able to connect with someone who "has been there-done that" is priceless for families with multiples. Parents can sometimes feel like they are alone and outnumbered by their multiples. Its not always easy being parents and there are unique situations that parents of multiples face each day. For example, logistically, getting to and from any place each day, with a set of multiples, can seem like planning a military strategic operation.

A resource to families of multiples is the "Life With Twins and Multiples" blog. The blog created by Central FL mother, Kristen Stehli, features parenting ideas, advice, contests, and honest talk about parenting multiples. Kristen has invited current moms of multiples to be co-authors on the blog to get a wide perspective on life with multiples. The following co-authors are expert bloggers and/or Moms of multiples: Kristen from Life With Twins and Multiples; Jennifer from Twinhappy; Nicole, Mom of twins & 1 child; Joscelyn from Orlando Parenting Multiples Examiner and Mami & The Multiples; Raven, Mom of a surviving set of triplets & 3 children; Elayne, from Solinox Enterprises ; Carla Rose from Carla Rose Coaching; Amanda from Ravens Repose Handmade Soap Co; and Pam, (fellow Examiner) Bismark Budget Meals Examiner, and Cooking For Seven.

Another resource open to all families, including families with multiples, is Mami & The Multiples. This blog was created by me to offer parenting resources and helpful tips to all families, including families of multiples and bilingual children. As a new resident of Central FL from the Washington D.C. area, I'm currently experiencing first-hand the joys (and trials) of living in a new state, new home, and new surroundings with a family that includes toddler twins. (On a side note, leading bloggers of Latin descent were invited by General Mills to Miami to witness the re-launch of their family lifestyle website, I was honored to be representing Mami & The Multiples at this event. Please feel free to find out about and the wonderful family, fashion, and women oriented Latina bloggers via

If you are looking for playgroups in the Central FL area that are open to families of multiples, Kristen, is the organizer/administrator of several different groups in the area. Two "multiples friendly" groups are North Orlando Sunshine Moms and Twins & Multiples Ages 0-4 Playgroup.

If you live in the Central FL and/or just want to connect with Kristen or Joscelyn, please feel free to use the following:

And if you are a parent of multiples, be encouraged and know that you have an entire "tribe" who are supporting you!

For More Information: Visit Life With Twins and Multiples: and Mami & Multiples:

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