Sunday, March 8, 2020 Light Table Review

The light table is a really unique light table.  This light table is very different than other light tables on the market. It has adjustable height, multiple table tops, and it's quite affordable! What I like best about this light table is that the white is a true white.  Many LED light tables tend to show a bit of a pink or blue hue when set to white. This one is a true white! This light table is perfect for home use, child care facility use, and school use. With the table being priced at under $300, it won't break the bank! The height adjustable legs make this table adaptable to children ages 1-12+.  

It has multiple tops to adapt to whatever your child is in the mood to play!  You can play in the light tables inner play surface, or add a table top! The tops we received with this table include clear plexi, chalk(black)/dry erase(white), alphabet/railroad town.  They also make a lego top and the reverse side is glow in the dark! The inner play surface is ideal for most all dry sensory play materials such as kinetic sand, play sand, rice, dry pasta, dry fish aquarium pebbles, or any sensory play materials you have on hand. You will need a clear acrylic or plastic bin for messy play and water play.  I will link some options below.  

Another great aspect of this light table is that it is not bulky and it is small space friendly.  This table is very apartment friendly size wise, as well as tiny house and small space friendly. They will be adding a mirror option and a sensory kit option on their website very soon.  They also offer financing on their website with Affirm.

The light tables come in one standard size with three packages right now. They will make custom sized light tables too though, so if you need a larger light table they will create it for you!

I bet you are wondering how to buy a light table! You can purchase the light table on their website or on their Etsy!

Additionally, my readers receive $20 off with the code ULTG on Instagram on facebook

Bonus! When you buy your lighttable, includes 1/2 lb of kinetic sand,  2 sand molds, and 4 silicone corner protectors!

I go into a lot more detail about this light table in the videos below, so please check them out. This is a beautiful light table, I highly recommend it!  If you are new to this blog and new to light tables, no problem! You can find out more about how to use a light table and what they are for here on this blog under the hashtag #ULTG

Here are some clear sensory bin options for messy play and water play on the light table. You can put dry sensory materials such as sand or kinetic sand into the inner play surface, but nothing with liquid.

See more photos and videos of this light table shared at:

and my Instagram @lighttableguru
#ULTG  (Ultimate Light Table Guide)

Check out my videos and photos below to learn more about this light table!


  1. Hey girl!!! Watched the whole video… Do you think you could do it to tutorial on the light remote??? 😀 You have been so helpful in my light table adventures!!

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