Tuesday, February 27, 2018

The NEW Kodo Light Laboratory

We have had the wonderful privilege of doing another review for Kodo. The last review was for their original Kodo Light Lab. This time we are reviewing their gorgeous NEW Kodo Light Laboratory! It is no secret that Kodo has a website full of the most fantastic educational and imaginative toys. They have really out-done themselves this time with the new Light Laboratory. It is simply AMAZING!

The new Light Laboratory is set up a lot differently than the original Light Lab. The original Light Lab has a separate control panel for turning on the light, and changing color. The new Light Laboratory has the control panel built into the light panel. The panel is much thinner and lighter this time around too. The storage pod stand is wider, and has storage for all of the components available for the Light Laboratory. It is a really wonderful light table! My favorite part is the messy material tray, or sensory tray. It is completely clear, light weight, and perfect! Kodo offers a protective film for the panel, to avoid damage. They also offer a weaving board, marble board, and drawing board.

We are very impressed!

I have added many photos below of the colors, please note that the photos were taken on my iphone 7; and do not do the colors justice. The colors are much more beautiful in person. There are three videos below all of the photos!

Check out the Kodo Light Laboratory on their fantastic website! There are so many other wonderful items on their website as well!

Check out my review of the original Kodo Light Lab



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