Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Marble Board for the Light Table

Introducing the DIY light table marble board (or tray). This is quickly becoming a favorite at our house. You can make all sorts of fun patterns and designs with marbles on this awesome marble board. The marble board is a pizza pan! We did not drill holes, it came that way. We got our pizza pan from HERE.

This is a super fun idea! I only took a few photos, but we will be adding more photos soon with more intricate designs on the marble board.

Thanks to Katelyn Moon on our awesome Ultimate Light Table Guide Facebook Group for sharing this idea!  She had shared her DIY marble board that her husband had made her with his drill. Then came back to let us know that a pizza pan works wonderfully too!

We totally adore the marble board from Kodo Kids, but it is kind of out of our light table spending budget at this time. You can see the original marble board by Kodo Kids HERE.  It just sits right on any light table.

If you have not yet already seen our review of the amazing Kodo Kids light table, see it HERE! It is such a wonderful light table!

This is the pizza pan we got, it was $5.49

Here are some of the photos of the light table marble board in action. We will be adding more pics to this soon with more colored marbles too!

Check out my Pinterest for lots more Light Play inspiration!

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