Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Picasso Tiles - Budget Friendly Magnetic Tiles

Picasso Tiles sent us some of their tiles for review. We tried them out by themselves, and with other magnetic tile brands. They do work well, and they are somewhat compatible with other brands for the most part, but are 1/16th of an inch larger and can make magnetic tile structures unstable. We have found that they make anything we build very unstable, droopy, lop-sided, and uneven if we mix them with other brands.

The best thing about Picasso Tiles is that they don't break the bank! Picasso Tiles look just like other name brands, but are more affordable. For example, Picasso Tiles 100 piece set current retails on for $77.99. Magna Tiles 100 piece set always retails at $119.95. They never go on sale for any more than 5-6 cents off of the retail price of $120. Picasso Tiles actually do go on sale at much lower prices.

So for those of you who would really love to get some magnetic building tiles for your kids, Picasso tiles are much more easily affordable. Magnetic tiles have so many benefits for kids. I highly recommend them for every family. 

Picasso Tiles have a great variety of magnetic tiles of many shapes and sizes, as well as vehicles to go along with the magnetic tiles.

Check out their website at

Check out some of the things my kids built with Picasso Tiles.....

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