Saturday, January 23, 2016

Jonti-Craft Multicolored Large Light Table

We received this Jonti-Craft multicolored large light table for review, and it is amazing as well as very high quality! This is Jonti-Craft's newest light table, and their first color changing light table. They also sent us their beautiful see-thru sand and light cover. The sand and light cover is very high quality too. You can leave the see thru sand and light cover on for any kind of light table play activity too.

This is definitely an impressive and high quality light table. It is beautiful!
The fact that it is multicolor, makes it such a fun light table. With the remote control, you can easily change colors or even to one of the automatic color change settings. This light table has 16 color change modes, including white as well. It has four of the automatic color change modes, which includes smooth, fade, strobe, and fade. It also has brightness control.  We love the smooth and fade modes, they are very relaxing. I highly recommend this light table! It is a great investment for children, grandchildren, schools, childcare centers, play centers, etc.

Jonti-Craft has several other high quality light tables on their website as well.
You can see all of their light tables in their Science and sensory category on the Jonti-Craft website. Check them out HERE.

Check out the photos of some cool things we did with the light table below!

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