Monday, December 28, 2015

DIY Patterned and Optical Illusion Window Blocks

We totally adore our store bought window blocks, however we thought it would be cool to have patterned window blocks too! 

Several bloggers have made DIY window blocks using Jenga pieces and translucent plastic folders, however I feel that the Jenga pieces create window blocks that are way too thick. They seem like they are kind of a bit clunky and wide for little hands. It's a great idea to use the Jenga blocks, however the idea possibly needs some work. 

Citiblocs are way thinner than Jenga pieces, and create large window blocks. They work just as well as Jenga blocks. However, Citiblocs create a thinner window block. They are close in thickness to a store bought window block, where as the Jenga blocks are twice the thickness of a storebough wndow block

To make our patterned and optical illusion window blocks, we used some Citiblocks, the hot glue gun, a few patterned translucent scrapbook papers from Michaels, and some laminated cellophane sheets. I use the Hygloss brand cello Sheets and scotch brand laminator, We also used some Roylco optical illusion sheets we had on hand. You can also use the awesome color and shape overlays from Mr. Printable.  See below!  Links are under photos.

Directions for assemble of blocks.  Start by hot gluing 4 citiblocs together. Then cut your overlays to size and glue to the first 4 citiblocs. Then glue 4 more citiblocs on to the pattern overlays, matching to the size and shape of the first 4 citiblocs to make a completed window block.  You can lay the citiblocs flat or stand them up on their sides to glue them together. Standing them up on their sides does create a thicker block. The thicker blocks are slightly more stable than the thinner blocks, however they both will stand up. Be sure to only glue two parts together at once and line them up evenly.

Patterned Window Blocks
Dots, Stripes, and Stained Glass look.

*Note - The stained glass one was hand drawn with sharpie markers on overhead projector transparencies

Optical Illusion Window Blocks
Compared to store bought window blocks

Roylco Optical Illusion Sheets

Mr. Printables Color and Shape Overlays

Cello Sheets  aka. Cellophane Paper

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