Monday, November 16, 2015

Magnetic Stick N Stack

We were sent magnetic stick n stack sets from the company and they are pretty awesome! They have a lot of options that magna tiles do not have. I was pretty impressed with the sets that they sent us. There are train track sets, gates and fences, frames, arches, windows, doors, vehicle bases, clear tiles with colored magnets, colored tiles, 3x3's, 6x6's, 6x3's, 1x3's, 12x3's, 12x12 stabilizers, triangles, isosceles triangles, right triangles, equilateral triangles, 3/4 circles, people, trains, and two different types of 3x3's with holes for making vehicles.

What I like best about them is how many options there are in types of shapes. It really does make a difference in what children build, when all of these options are available.  They have more colors and more shapes coming out soon too! They are very sturdy and well made, they are also compatible with magna tiles.  So if your child has both magnetic stick n stack and magna tiles, they can build anything they want using both brands of magnetic tiles together.  This is an awesome thing too, because not all brands work together.  The brand by Discount School supply are wonderful, but they do not work with magna tiles and magnetic stick n stack. They are a bit smaller and the magnets do not match up at all. They are quite lovely though too. It is awfully inconvenient that they can not be used together with magna tiles and magnetic stick n stack though. I have no experience with any of the other brands available on at this time.  However you can get all you need with the magnetic stick n stack brand, and they really are very well made too!

I adore that magnetic stick n stack have train tracks! They are the first and I believe currently only brand with train tracks. The arches, fences, and all of the other unique shapes are really great!   They look amazing on the light table and in a sunny window too, just like magna tiles. They are impressive!

Right now they are in the midst of re-creating their website, however you can find magnetic stick n stack on! They have a lot of amazing sets!
Here are some links to some of their products on

Check out some examples of how we play with magnetic stick n stack below!

Here are some examples of how we play with magnetic stick n stack!

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