Thursday, April 23, 2015

Wedgnetix on the Light Table

We already love Wedgits and now we love Wedgnetix too! They are an amazing magnetic building block set. Unlike Wedgits, Wedgnetix are all individual pieces with magnetic ends that fit into one another. They can be used with or separate from Wedgits. You can twist and turn the pieces once they are magnetically attached to other pieces. The design possibilities are endless. This is an excellent open ended toy set!  We have been mainly using them on the light table, but they can be used on any table, floor, or windowsill.

I am very impressed with Wedgnetix, so if you are a Wedgits fan and were wondering if they are worth investing in, they truly are! We love them!

Check out Wedgits and Wedgnetix on their website!

Here are some things my twins did with the Wedgnetix. There are also Wedgits, Magna Tiles, and plastic fruit slices in the photos.

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