Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Light Table Play 101

Light Table Play 101

A couple of years ago, I started a board on Pinterest called Light Tables, Light Boxes, Light Panels, and Light Play. I recently decided to change the name of it to Light Table Play 101. I changed quite a few of my Pinterest boards names to much shorter names. However, the board has not changed in any way except for the name and web address for it. Well, actually the board has changed a little. It has a lot of amazing new pins and lots of amazing new collaborative pinners on the board. So it has changed slightly and in a very positive way.

Follow Kristen (Epic Childhood)'s board Light Table Play 101 on Pinterest.

This is the new (and permanent) address for the board.

I hope you will visit it often and enjoy all of the wonderful pins in it.

As far as quality, the board is the biggest and best on Pinterest. It has 160 collaborative pinners, almost 1000 pins, and over 15,000 followers.

The best thing about the board, it holds the best of the best in light table play, light play, black light play, glow in the dark play, overhead projector play, and natural light play. 

The collaborators on the board are the top light table play and light play guru's on the internet! There are light play experts, Reggio experts, teachers, school directors, and light play enthusiasts.

So check out the board, share it with your facebook friends, twitter friends, Google + friends, Instagram friends, Sulia friends, and even your Pinterest friends!

If you would like to add your light table play and light play pins to the board, even if they are not linked to a blog post; just let me know.

I accept parents, caregivers, and teachers who want to share their children's light table play and light play pics to pin on the board!

Email to be a collaborative pinner.

Here are a few fun pics from my twins light table play lately.

silly putty, straws, and light table

Here is a video of blowing bubbles with silly putty

silly putty, straws, and light table

silly putty bubble on the light table made with a straw

Kandinsky circles with silly putty

A wave of silly putty

different shades of blue and green DIY silly putty on the light table

use a straw to blow a bubble with the silly putty

A campground with magna tiles

Be sure to check out and follow the Ultimate Light Table Guide on Pinterest too!

Visit The Ultimate Light Table Guide's profile on Pinterest.

go to the 365 day Light Play Challenge! 

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