Monday, November 10, 2014

Magnetic Tiles for Sensory Seekers

discount school supply version of manga tiles are smaller but still nice

Excellerations Building Brilliance Magnetic Shapes

I love these magnetic building tiles! They are just as durable, and have strong magnets like magna tiles. However, Excellerations Building Brilliance Magnetic Shapes are much different than magna tiles. They are like magnetic tiles for sensory seekers. You can feel the quality craftsmanship when you pick them up and examine them. They have a different feel than magna tiles though. They have groves and crevices. They have a bit of dimension to them, and they would be great for sensory seekers. These magnetic tiles are worth the investment, even if you are a fan of magna tiles and planned on sticking to them.  

We received a set of 48 Excellerations Building Brilliance Magnetic Shapes, and I plan to buy more for my kids this Christmas. These tiles are so cool, they are beautiful, and did I mention I LOVE the dimensional build of them!

See how they are not flat like magna tiles?
The geometric design inside of Excellerations Building Brilliance Magnetic Shapes, is nothing to be ignored. It truly makes these magnetic tiles look gorgeous! I will tell you that my family are 100% in love with magna tiles.  We have been collecting them for years, and the kids build with them every day.

However, we now are 100% in love with Excellerations Building Brilliance Magnetic Tiles as well!  They are a great addition to our block area and light table play area! They are great on the light table or overhead projector. They are also great on a table, on the floor, on a magnetic play tray, or even in a window. They cast beautiful color in sunlight. 

Here are a few photos of my 6 year old twin boys playing with them.

Find them at:
 48 piece set and 100 piece set

I also highly recommend everything at Discount School Supply. I have been buying from there for years. They have excellent craft supplies, art supplies, educational toys, outdoor toys, etc. We love all of their paints and liquid water colors. They have so many wonderful items there.  You really can't go wrong with buying from them, and they have excellent customer service!

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  1. Its been a year. I'm shopping for magnetic tiles now. How have the Excellerations ones held up? Do you still recommend them as much as MagnaTiles? Do they work with the MagnaTiles?

  2. They are much smaller and not compatible with magna tiles...still lovely though!


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