Saturday, October 11, 2014

#ULTG The Ultimate Light Table Guide

guide to everything light tables and light table play

What is The Ultimate Light Table Guide?

The Ultimate Light Table Guide is a spinoff project born from a post I made on my blog in 2012.  You can find that post HERE.  I highly recommend thoroughly checking out the post, it has a lot of components and a lot of offer as far as information on how to get started on light table play and light play. 

I started a Pinterest for The Ultimate Light Table Guide, you can find it HERE

The Ultimate Light Table Guide on Pinterest consists of thousands of Light Table, Light Play, Black Light, Glow in the Dark, Overhead Projector, and Natural Light Play ideas.  We decided to bring in some other light play enthusiasts and it took off from there!

I would like to invite everyone to use #ULTG on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook and share your wonderful light table play and light play posts with us! Plus, the most awesome bonus to using #ULTG is that you can see everyone else's awesome pics all in one great place when you go on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.


If you would like to be a contributor to our light table and light play Pinterest boards, please drop us an email request to

Be sure to include your Pinterest link and email associated with your Pinterest so we can easily add you to the boards.

Join The Ultimate Light Table Guide on Facebook and  Pinterest

Please use the hashtag on all your social media, blogs, and website!

Please take our button for your blog or website.

The Ultimate Light Table Guide

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