Saturday, October 25, 2014

Frozen Snowball Bracelets

yarm craft frozen theme

****This photo has been unfortunately altered in the uploading process. There seems to be some sort of glitch with Blogger's photo uploading system. I tried multiple times with only resulting in the darkening of the photo each time. I plan to re-upload the photo in it's true state soon as Blogger fixes the glitch. You can use THIS LINK on Pinterest to share it in it's true state, which is a much brighter and prettier photo.  I apologize for the inconvenience. I have never experienced this happening to me in 4 years of using Blogger. I find it to be quite odd. ;( ****

I made these fun bracelets for my friends 4 year old daughter and a few other little girls we know. They are super easy to make too!   

I used a pom pom making tutorial from youtube and made some pom poms. However instead of using a fork, like in the tutorial video, 

I used a Pampered Chef Hold N Slice so I could make slightly larger pom poms. I used Icicle yarn by Loops and Threads, from Michaels craft store. It is a very pretty white thread with beautiful iridescent sequins and sparkles. 

First I made a few of the pom poms using the Icicle yarn, I left a long tail of yarn so I could tie them on to bracelets.  The bracelet part is totally up to you on how you  want to make it.  I made a few in just a simple braided style.  I made a few in a knotted style too.  I used 4 strands of Icicle yarn for the knotted ones and 3 strands of Icicle yarn for the simple braided ones.  I made them so that they are large enough for an adults wrist, so that it would be easy to tie on to a childs wrist. The extra length can be trimmed off with scissors. Once the bracelets are finished, I tie a pom pom on to the middle and secure it well, then cut the rest of the tail that I had left on in order to be able to tie the pom pom on to the bracelet.

I have left photos below of what the bracelet looks like finished, as well as the Pampered Chef Hold N Slice, the Icicle yarn, and the pom pom making tutorial. I have also left a tutorial on how to make friendship bracelets, which is essentiall what these are, just jazzed up and made to be "Frozen" style for little girls.

Pampered Chef Hold N Slice
Loops and Threads Icicle Yarn

Here are some close ups of what the bracelets look like.  It's unfortunate that Blogger's uploader altered these photos by darkening them too.

I would love to be able to show how pretty they are.  Maybe Blogger will be fixed by Monday and I can re-upload the photos.


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