Monday, October 6, 2014


Help put an end to grade school bullying!!

Chummies is an awesome new concept developed by two teachers!
The ideas is that each bracelet becomes two. So kids can share them with a friend. If a child has several bracelets, they can share with even more friends.  Kids can collect and trade them and we all know kids love bracelets and collecting things! I love the idea behind chummies. They could potentially be a really great thing if lots of kids get them and start giving them out.

Chummies could be an excellent ice breaker for kids, or a great way to welcome a new kid to school. There are many potentially great ideas for using chummies.  Teachers could even give them out as rewards to students and then the students share their reward by giving one half of the bracelet away!

They are made of a similar type of material as the popular rubber bracelets that have been around for years. They have such a fun design and really cute themes!  My kids love them, my older kids even think they are cute!


If you give chummies a chance at your kids school, you might see a lot of positive changes in kids.  Often bullies and mean kids really just want to be included.  They are so used to not being included that they just become so bitter and negative.  If a mean or bully kid is given a few chummies, who knows maybe they will finally feel accepted and stop being so mean!!

I love them!!

Buy Chummies here ---->

Guitar and Amp

High Heel and Sneaker

Peanut Butter and Jelly

Mac and Cheese

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