Monday, September 8, 2014

For a sick day or rainy day

Recently my Twins and I tried out a Kiwi Crate. Then we tried out Boogie wipes and Kandoo wipes. You might be thinking, how on earth do these go together?  Well technically they don't.  However, I see it differently.  I think they make an amazing team for a sick day, or even a rainy day! and

Boogie Wipes and Kandoo

Rainy days often come with runny noses or the sniffles. That's where Boogie wipes come in to play. The boogie wipes saline spray is really amazing too. I was surprised how much a scented saline spray could motivate a child to want to get their nose unstuffed! The boogie wipes are fantastic for a runny nose. They keep your childs nose from becoming irritated, red, and sore. This is a huge plus, especially if you have a young child.  They get irritable enough with being sick. When they get a sore, red, irritated nose it makes things so much worse. If your child is sick, boogie wipes are a must!  They really help so much and work hand in hand with the boogie wipes saline spray. They make getting all of the ooogey boogies out of your childs nose much easier! I had never used them before, now I sorry that I had never heard of them in the past. Holy cow are they great!!  

Kandoo is a set of kids toilet products and hand washing foam. They are generally meant for potty training, however I see them as much more than potty training essentials.  I see them as an excellent idea for sick days.  If your child has the dreaded diarrhea, Kandoo is essential. The hand washing foam smells great and is perfect for little hands.  The flushable scented wipes are really essential for diarrhea.  Bottom line, keep some on hand for emergencies.  

Find out more about their products at and
Kiwi Crate

I love the idea of kiwi crate on a sick or rainy day. It truly just makes the perfect set of activities that are fun, interesting, and educational. Kiwi crate has such an awesome array of themes. What I love best about them is that they come with every supply you would need!  I was shocked to see  that the one we received even came with a pair of kids scissors! They are very mellow, low key activities that work out so well if your child is sick but needs to do something hands on to keep busy while sick. 

Kiwi Crate has really gone out of their way to put together some rather fantastic sets for your child. They are not just a craft, they really have great educational value.  The way they are presented, really motivates a child to want to dive into a Kiwi Crate and spend some time doing the activities provided.

I do recommend that you stand by to provide assistance and guidance. I suggest that for most any activity or any type though.

You can order individual Kiwi Crates, or get a subscription.

For those who do not wish to buy a subscription,  I highly recommend that you order a few and put them up on a high shelf for a sick day or rainy day. They are a life saver!!

Check it out at

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