Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Straws and pencil grips and light table fun

straws and pencil grips on the light table

Fun way to build shapes!

The straws and pencil grips were from the dollar tree.  We put the straws fitted into each other top to a bottom inside the pencil grips.  It makes them stay really nicely that way! 

Then it was silly time.... Graham said ok now I am in a picture frame!  Take a happy one, and a silly one, and another silly one!  haha!

a friendly monster made with letter and number construction 

Stackable crayons from the dollar tree make awesome light table crayons.  LOVE these!

Parker was doing lots of drawing while Graham was making shapes with straws and pencil grips!

I made some stars and hearts for the overhead projector and light table with cellophane sheets that I laminated. I am not great at drawing stars, so I printed templates out and traced the shapes with sharpie marker.


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