Thursday, November 28, 2013

THE Light Table Resource on Pinterest


THE biggest and best Light Table Resource on Pinterest and on the Internet! This Pinterest board is for playing with light, black light play, light box play, light table play, light panel play, shadow and light play, overhead projector play, light and mirror play, reflections, glow in the dark play, Reggio, Reggio Emilia, Reggio Light Play, etc.

This awesome collaborative light play filled Pinterest board from 40+ bloggers! You will find hundreds of educational, fun, interesting, beautiful, and even therapeutic light play ideas!!!

To be added as a collaborative pinner to this board email 

Check out the FB page for this board too!

Here is a preview of the board!!  Go check it out!!

Follow Kristen (Caution! Twins at Play) Light Tables, Light Boxes, Light Panels & Light Play on Pinterest

Click HERE to go to the board!!

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