Monday, May 6, 2013

Play, love, learn, create

A few of the activities Graham and Parker have done lately.....

light table lacing beads

Dressed as Super Heroes

Helped me hang our homeschool posters, by telling me if they looked even.

Decided to move the ping pong fish bowl carnival game to the mirror table.

Flew a mini kite shaped like a bird and found a bird egg at the park.

Played with their men in various colors of home made silly putty, almost daily.

Took the dog along for a ride in the choo choo wagon, he liked it.

Put the home made glitter silly putty on the light table, and made a pretty pond.

Made a river with silly putty on the light table for the Scooby Gang to swim in,

Parker likes to play this before bed


  1. Looks so pretty! Kids are always fascinated by light in the dark, so I bet they really enjoyed this! Hmmm, beginning to think I may need to make a home made light box!

  2. Those beads for the first activity are so cool and perfect for a light table. Where did you get them?

    1. constructive playthings/US toy in Apopka Florida


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