Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Reggio Fridays Linky 3-13-15

Link up with Reggio Fridays for Reggio inspired and light table ideas

Reggio Fridays has been on hiatus for quite a long time, but it is BACK and better than ever now!! We will be doing things a little bit differently though. 
Reggio Fridays
Now everyone has two options to participate in the Linky. However there will not be a linky in this blog post. The reason for this is that Pinterest is a better way to promote a blog post. Plus we have had low linky participation in the past. Plus many other bloggers have low linky participation lately as well. Here are the options....

Option 1. Put your links in the comments of this post to have them added to the Reggio Fridays Linky Pinterest board.

Option 2. I will invite anyone who wants to participate in Reggio Fridays to pin their links directly to the Reggio Fridays Linky Pinterest board. 

Recap: So for the Reggio Friday Linky, every Friday you would put any of the links you would want in Reggio Fridays link directly into that Pinterest board, or comment them on this post. 

If you are invited to the Reggio Fridays Linky Pinterest board, You can post throughout the week and weekend too though.

If you want to pin your links directly to the Reggio Fridays Linky Pinterest board email me with your Pinterest link and email (the one you signed up for Pinterest with) it makes it easier to invite you to the board.

If you would like to co-host this weekly linky on your blog, please email me.  I will send you the code to make the weekly blog post, and put your blog name and link into the post every week! We are open to many more co-hosts.
Co-hosting just means you will schedule a post to post to your blog, every Friday morning. It would contain basically everything in this blog post. I would send you the HTML to just drop into a blog post every week, before Friday.

Our current Hosts/Co-hosts are:

Epic Childhood

Salt Meadow Academy 

Follow Kristen (Epic Childhood)'s board Reggio Fridays Linky on Pinterest.



The Ultimate Linky

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