Friday, December 21, 2012

Reggio Fridays

Welcome to Reggio Fridays!

Sorry the link was being funny last week. 
I hope you will add your links to this Reggio Friday Linky!!

Here are a few highlights of Graham and Parker playing this week!

messy outdoor fun with rain gutter, water beads, silly square water beads, shaving cream,  etc.

Messy fun with a mixture of insta snow, flourscent orange color, flour, and water!
We named this mixture "yucky slop"!!

I re-organized the blocks

I also re-organized the books and magnets!

We made some fun discovery bottles! The tallest one is inspired by a discovery bottle made by "Meet the Dubiens"

Covered themselves in shaving cream and sprayed their sand box pink and purple with liquid water colors!

making shaving cream art while covered in shaving cream!


  1. I'm stopping by for the first time and wow, your twins are having such fun.

  2. Great party! I am stopping by to link up for the first time. I have a weekly linky on Saturdays and would love to have you come by and share some of your fun ideas! Thanks.


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